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" If You Want To Create A Six-Figure Income Making Money From Day One Selling Tradelines, Credit Sweeps and Inquiry Removals To Your Clients... Look No Further "
Elite Broker
Single one-time payment, no set up fee.
  • 50% off all Tradelines and Packages, forever.
  • Credit Sweeps are discounted from $495 to $375.
  • Instant access to hours of Tradeline University videos.
  • Our in-house profit generating, Tradeline e-mail template.
  • Customized contracts with your company's name.
  • Free copy of my 6-Figure Broker e-book
Elite Broker Qualifying Process


Book a call with a Wholesale Tradelines advisor to see if you qualify to become an Elite Broker for life.


Once you have been approved to become an Elite Broker through our advisor, you will then need to submit a one-time payment. You will then receive your broker code.


Now that you are an Elite Broker with Wholesale Tradelines you can begin to help solve your client's problems and make a large profit at the same time.
A Single Payment Gives You a Lifetime of Savings
Common Questions
Did we miss your questions? Call us. We're happy to help.
Is this a monthly or yearly membership?
No! It’s a one-time payment and you’re in for life.
How much can I sell Tradelines for above what I see on the website/inventory list?
There is no cap on how much above the price you see that you can charge your clients for, but the best part is you only pay us 50% of the price you see on the website/inventory. So, for example, a $500 trade line I would charge your client somewhere between 650 - 700 dollars you only pay us 250 out of that and the rest (450.00) goes in your pocket.
Can I use this service for myself and family members as well?
Yes! You will get a 50% code that you’ll enter in when you place your order that will automatically deduct 50% off of the order form. No matter who the order is for as long as you put your code in it will deduct your discount. If you need services for yourself or family they are included In the membership plan.
When can I start using the 50% off Elite Broker Program for my clients?
Day 1 (it’s instant).
Is it only Tradelines that I get 50% off for life on?
No! Not only do you get 50% off Tradelines and Tradeline packages but you also get amazing discounts on our official Credit Sweep and Inquiry Removal service. Also included in the Broker program you’re going to get tons of marketing material including video series, six-figure broker e-book and years of email campaigns.
How much money can I make doing this?
It really depends on your involvement and if you make the choice to scale your business. The more leads and clients you have, the more money you can make. Our training provides more information on getting more leads and scaling your business. 
Tradelines are a great way to solve people’s credit problems and make you money in the process
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